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  The Guangzhou Institute of Tropical and Marine Meteorology (ITMM), in affiliation with the Chinese Meteorological Administration (CMA), is one of eight national professional meteorological research institutes. Established in 1976, and originally named Guangdong Provincial Tropical and Marine Meteorological Institute, the institution underwent changes, and in 2001, was transformed into a state-level non-profit institute, which was jointly approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, and the State Commission Office of Public Sectors Reform. After this reform, ITMM caters to the needs of social development at both national, and regional levels. Whilst not only keeping up to date with the world’s scientific and technological advancements in meteorology, ITMM also adheres to the principles of “focusing on research of the basics of application”. By pioneering the exploration on tropical and marine meteorology mechanism and forecast research, it strives to meet the demand of the country and serve local economic development in real terms.




  (一) 领军人才



  In the past few years, ITMM has been ranked among the best institutions in the evaluation conducted by CMA. At present, ITMM has a Key Laboratory of Regional Numerical Weather Prediction, CMA, jointly established by Guangdong Provincial Government and CMA.


  Ⅱ. A mastery over core technological equipment for meteorological research and application.

  2.A List of Job Vacancies Offered by State Institutions to Domestic and International Talents in the year of 2018.doc

  1. Talents Categories and Research Areas

  1) Leading talents

  I. Having published 4 or more papers as the first author or correspondence author in SCI journals within the past 5 years.


  (2) Normally, leading talents have the experience of managing major scientific research projects, and leading scientific research teams. Applicants should have also achieved consequential research results prior to this application. It is essential for applicants to have an outstanding overall planning ability in the research of major scientific problems, and effective organizational skills to manage a team and undertake major scientific and technological researches.



  Email: (Please send your resume as well as your three-year work plan to this email address to apply).

  (2) They have achieved master’s degree or above, or titles like senior engineer and above.

  Ⅲ. Aged below 40 and are the highly sought-after individuals in their chosen areas. However, the requirements can be lower if the applicant is extraordinarily outstanding.

  Address: 280, Dongguanzhuang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, 510641.


  1) Regional numerical forecast

  3) Marine meteorology in the South China Sea




  The features of ITMM can be summarized with three numbers: three, four and five. It has introduced three sets of regional numerical prediction models, namely, regional climate model, marine meteorology model, and environmental meteorology model. In view of frequent meteorological disasters in tropical monsoon regions, including typhoon, strong precipitation, fog-haze, and thunder and lightning, ITMM has established four domestically first-rate meteorological field-experiment sites, equipped with advanced detection devices with complete functions. Namely, these sites are the Marine Meteorology laboratory in Bohe,the Cloud and Precipitation Physics laboratory in Longmen,the Lightning Research and Testing laboratory in Conghua, and the Composition of Atmosphere research laboratory in Panyu. As for five, it refers to the five major research areas of ITMM, including regional numerical prediction technology, regional disastrous weather in South China, South China Sea marine meteorology, environmental meteorology of urban agglomeration, and tropical monsoon and climate prediction.

  1. Application time: Dec 20, 2017- Jan 20, 2018.

  在中国气象局专业科研院所历年的综合评估中,热带所一直名列前茅。目前设立了省部共建的“中国气象局区域数值天气预报重点实验室”,研发运行了区域天气模式、海洋气象模式、环境气象模式三套区域数值预报模式;针对热带季风区频发的台风、强降水、雾-霾和雷电灾害,打造了海洋气象(博贺)、云降水物理(龙门)、野外雷电(从化)、大气成分(番禺)四个探测装备先进、功能齐全的国内一流气象科学野外观测试验基地;形成了区域数值预报技术、华南区域灾害性天气、南海海洋气象、城市群环境气象、热带季风与气候预测五个学科领域。同时,热带所依托广东省气象局联合华南三省和港澳气象人才成立了广州大气科学联合研究中心,并和海内外科研院所和高校建立紧密的合作关系。此外,主办了《热带气象学报》和《Journal of Tropical Meteorology》(美国《科学引文索引》源刊)两本核心刊物。

  Tel: 86-020-39456696, Mr. Chen.




  (3) Applicants should also have had experience in well-established research organizations, and/or teaching positions in renowned domestic or foreign universities. They are employed as professors (or equivalent) or above, with more than 3 years’ scientific research experience in foreign countries. They should also meet one or more of the following requirements:


  In addition, with the support from Guangdong Meteorological Bureau, ITMM has founded the Guangzhou Joint Research Center of Atmospheric Sciences, uniting meteorological talents from three provinces in South China, as well as Hong Kong and Macau. With this center, cooperation with institutes and universities from home and abroad has also been consolidated. Moreover, ITMM has sponsored two cores journals, i.e. Journal of Tropical Meteorology (Chinese) and Journal of Tropical Meteorology (English) (source journal of Science Citation Index).

  2. Application Requirements

  二 、招聘条件


  (3) under 45 years of age.

  Not only gaining social influence in its field, ITMM also aims at developing into: a national research base for tropical and marine meteorology, a business transformation base for scientific and technological achievements, a training base for high level talents, and a communication center for tropical and marine meteorological research.


  1) Leading Talents

  2) Young, and highly sought-after individuals

  Ⅱ. A mastery over core technology for meteorological research and application.

  (1) The applicant is expected to demonstrate a broad vision and can grasp the international developing trends of state-of-the-art technology in his/her chosen area. He/she must understand the technical development needs for his/her core business in modern meteorology. He/she possesses innovative ideas in meteorological research, leading to the advancement of his/her scientific field.

  (1) Young and highly sought-after individuals specialize in one of the previously mentioned research areas, and are proficient in conducting scientific research independently. Applicants are expected to show a relatively high academic competence, an active mind, and a strong technological innovation ability. These elements play a key role in conquering scientific difficulties, working as part of a team, and going above and beyond what is expected.


  (1) Talents Categories


  (3)在国内外著名高校、科研机构有正式教研或教学职位,担任教授(或相当)以上职务的专家学者,具有3年以上国外从事科研工作的经历,且具备下列条件之一:1)近5年第一作者(或通讯作者)发表SCI论文6篇以上; 2)掌握气象科学研究、业务应用关键技术,招聘研究方向紧缺人才等。

  2) Regional 凤凰彩票( disastrous weather in South China







  4. Application Time and Contact Details

  2)Young, and Highly Sought-After Individuals




  5) Tropical monsoon and climate prediction


  (2) Applicants are expected to have doctoral degrees, formal teaching or research positions in prestigious domestic or foreign universities, research institutions, or in the business sector, and more than 2 years’ scientific research experience in foreign countries. 凤凰彩票( They should also meet one or more of the following requirements:


  Pay and benefits negotiable. Employment procedures will be in line with different entry regulations.



  (2) Research Areas


  (5) For excellent applicants, the requirements can be lower.



  Whilst considering the developmental needs of modern meteorological research, ITMM is pleased to offer the following positions to talents from both home and abroad. By recruiting more talented individuals, ITMM aims to further reinforce its development of high-level research teams, and implement the reform of the scientific and technological structure of CMA. These efforts are expected to give full play to ITMM’s leading role and influence in scientific and technical innovation in meteorology, and effectively enhance its core competitiveness of scientific and technical innovation. The recruitment details are as follows:

  3) Scientific research backbones



  3. Pay and Benefits

  (1) A scientific research backbone is that of applicants who have uphold high moral standards and scientific research ethics. They love scientific research work, are in good health, and are competent for the positions they have applied for.

  (4) They have published 2 or more papers as the first author in core journals within the past 5 years;



  3) Scientific Research Backbones


  I. Having published at least 6 papers as the first author or correspondence author in SCI journals within the past 5 years.

  2. Contact details:

  4) Environmental meteorology of urban agglomeration